Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mummy is home… :-)

"Mama......tak work ke hari ni??? Yeayyy!!!"

Alahai....kesiannya anak haku....iskh2x.....hari ni mama tak keje....lil Ian teman mama study.....elok je duduk sebelah.....layan lego set dia....lsg tak buat perangai....he wants nothing but mummy....hati jd sebak...tetiba je kan....hahah!!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Zhang Da : The Story of a Child

    Zhang Da, The Story of a Child The epitome of Chinese Affairs
A child in China on January 27, 2006 received high honors from the government for allegedly had committed "Extraordinary Actions". Among the nine people winning the award, he was the only child who was elected from the 1.4 billion population of China.

What makes it turned out to be remarkable is his attention and devotion to his father. He worked very hard and never give up. Since he was 10 years old (in 2001), he was abandoned by his mother who can't stand to live with her husband who was seriously ill and poor. Since that, Zhang Da lives alone with his father who can't work, can't walk and badly sick.

This conditions forced a very young boy; whose not even 10 years at that time to take a heavy responsibility. He still determine to go to school, he must find food for his father and himself and also must think about the medicine for his father that is definitely not cheap for him. For these, the extraordinary story of Zhang Da begins.

He had to live a hard and bitter life but he is very special.  For him, life must go on and for living he won't commit to any crimes. He began a new chapter in his life by continuing to attend school. From home to school must walk through a small forest. On the way to and from school was, he began to eat leaves, seeds and fruits that he found. Sometimes he finds some kind of mold  or grass  and he tried to eat it. After trying to eat it all, he knows which ones can suite his tongue and which one is not.

After school hours during the day and evening, he joined the construction works to split some large boulders and rocks. With that little money, he bought some rice and medicine for his father.

His hard life continuous for almost 5 years but his body remains healthy, fresh and strong. Zhang Da caring his sick father at the age of 10 years and took care of him. He carried his father to the toilet, wiped and washed him once a while, bought the rice and make a porridge for him. He did it with no complain with full of respect and love for his sick father. 

Drugs are expensive and hard to get because the hospital is far from his house. Zhang Da think about the best way to overcome the problems. Since the age of ten, he began to learn about drugs through an old book he bought. 
What makes it remarkable is that he learned how a nurse gave an injection to sick people. Once he felt confident, he determined to inject his own father himself. Now, Zhang Da is an  expert whose well trained in doing the injection.

When all the attention from the officials officers, businessmen, artists and famous people in the ceremony focusing to Zhang Da, the MC asked him:

"Zhang Da, just let us know what you want....the best school? and what do you wish to happen in your life? How much money you need until you finish college? Just name it....what is the most desire thing u want? There are a lot of officials, businessmen and famous people here....there are also hundreds of millions of people are looking at you through the television screen now, they all eager to help you!"

Zhang Da was silent..... the MC ask him again:  "You name it, they can help you"

Zhang Da remain silence, and then.... in a deep voice he replied: "I want mommy back. Mama please returned home, I can help Dad, I can get something for us to eat...i can take care of myself, Mama please come back!"

All the guests were spontaneously have tears with emotion. No one expected that's the only things he wants. Why he didn't ask for the treatment of his father, why he did not ask for money to be deposit in his account? Why did he ask for a small house nearby the hospital? Why did he ask for charity  card from  the government so that his life would be easier?

Perhaps....what he really wants, is the most important one for him. "I want you to come back" ~ a phrase that may have been buried since the last time he saw his mother left home.

The above story not only touch everybody whose watching the ceremony but also cause admiration  to most people. A 10 years old boy can hold such heavy responsibility for almost 5 years without complaining. The difficulties of life has changed a boy into an admirable child figure that never give up.

Zhang Da is different compared to any modern children. Nowadays many children easily gets things  from their parents. They can have everything that is 'in' and consider branded at that particular time. They proudly show it to all their frenz and colleague for what their parents have bought for them. The one that have it all will feel great....the one have nothing to show will running back to their parents and demanding the same things. The parents that affordable to buy everything.....feels good they can buy almost everything for their kids.....the parents that is not affordable to do so....feel shame and stress of wanted to give everything to their kids also.....because it is not trendy and shame to not afford to do so.....

Without the end, we may end up to be 'a transaction parents'....for that, i realize.....maybe i shall not forget to teach my kids the values of life, appreciate things that they have and understand that nothing comes free if we don't work for it....hope they grew up to be more rational, responsible and wise adult in the future.....Aminnn~

Monday, June 17, 2013

After almost 30 years ~ ;-)

I'm having a few assignment's dateline to meet and exams week to come.......but my hubby mentioning about his old school's gathering last weekend.....he didn't commit anything and remain silent since i'm just quiet and say nothing.......mayb he just understand that i have to concentrate on the studies while coping with the office works and growing kids....

Thx for understanding that hubby ~ XOXO.....luckily bibik still around to help with the house cores and the kid's needs.....even though sometimes both of my restless boys want's nobody but mummy :-p

Anyway, i know that life working balance is important too...must make time for the love ones also.... :-p ; since the class for Sunday was cancel (thx GOD!), after watching Food Channel 727  i feels like missing my baking, i decided to bake some muffins and spaghetti for my hubby's event - reunion of his old school's folk after almost 30 years hardly sees each other~

It was actually just in Kota Damansara, D'Rimba Club of his frenz live a resort style, they they decided to meet nearby the pool area....kalau i laa duduk tempat camni......hari2 laa mood holiday vacation khennnn.... ;-) 

My 2 boys just aiming at the pool...

With his frenz that have not seen for almost 30 years.....sometimes FB and whatapps brings people together for the good....(lil siddiq lobbying Papa to get into the pool *sigh*) 
Talking & talking...
Some of them....can't imagine how they behave in the class 30 years ago....ngeeee ~ 
Mummies doing girl's things.....notice me (pink dress + black scarf)  and my beloved Lil Ian....he's quite shy when there are many people around..... ;-)
Abang ask Papa for food.....pembuka tirai makan ~ dia mmg selamba je.....
Some of all delicious home cook's yummy.....sambal udang Melaka....rendang, kuih muih....huhuh.....bertabahlah perut.......hihihi
I was not born yet...hihi
Ready to blow the cake...
Just realize one of them just arrive.....everybody calling for her...
Ahaa....baru cukup ahli.....anak iolz plak muncul dr dalam kolam....hadoyyy....badget befday dia larrrr kan...
Pause moment to take picca...
Ready to blow.....
And they we go.......ahahah.....anak kami yang tiup dulu......end the beautiful weekend that day..... :-)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Busy but HaPPy.... :-D

Nowadays busy mmg bertambah....da mula ~ ba ba cak ngn supervisor for the dissertation etc....challenge kt office juga bertambah.....ada juga yg tanya....tak penat ke? Dengan family lagi....hihihi....caner nk jwb yer?

 Penat.....tapi relax....caner tu? Hahhaha.....pack life....but  u feel self satisfaction in u....u feel more calm to face the days.....mayb the  environment, family & people surrounding is  don't feel it's a mind was fed with understanding and applied knowledge....helping me to be more prepared for the work load waiting on Monday-Friday....and the detox classes started again every weekend.....helps all of us in the class to digest the lectures and applied in our work.....nice rite? 

I feel bless to know them....we share our experience and learn sincerely from each other.....we cherish and supports one another.....coz we don't have so much time to do everything alone.....we learn to work in a strong team and helps each other to explore the best talent in every one...

Surround your people with positive people.....u will be positive too....avoid negative individual and  wasted activities.....look forward and leave behind all the negative a meaningful life.....becoz ur age is so precious to be wasted by just doing nothing and dreaming.... ;-)

When there is the time u feel bored doing the same things all over again.....maybe its a signal that u should search for new skills and knowledge......explore this beautiful world as much as u can.....u will finally find out that...


Yezzz.....we hv long hours lectures...but we can still sincerely smile....hahahah! 
Thumbs up to my classmate.....pregnant at 6 months but still rock the day! Adore your spirit dear.... :-)